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Stand Up Comedian

Stand Up Comedian is an art form that is openly devoted to getting immediate laughs from an audience above all else, unlike theatrical comedy which creates comedy within the structure of a play with amusing characters and situations. In stand-up comedy, feedback of the audience is instant and crucial for the comedian’s act.

The skills attributed to stand-up are diverse, as the stand-up comic often acts as writer, editor, performer, promoter, producer and technician for the act. Many stand-up comedians work for years to develop 45 minutes of material, and usually perform their bits repeatedly, slowly perfecting them over time.

Alan and Indi
Harith Iskandar
Douglas Lim
Joanne Kam Po Po
Jit Murad
Andrew Netto
Helmi the Gimmick
Kuah Jenhan
Leonard Tan
Baba & Nyonya
Khong Brothers “Jangan Ketawa”
and many others…